Shaping the future of onboard hospitality.

Main cabin


As a leading provider of cutting-edge concepts for the aviation industry, deSter specializes in crafting sustainable and inventive solutions, ranging from tableware, equipment to amenity kits and textiles.

For Main Cabin our focus is on the tray setup, offering an array of trays, bowls, cups, casseroles, and cutlery, all meticulously crafted from sustainable materials. 

What sets deSter apart is our unwavering commitment to collaboration with our customers. We understand the importance of tailoring our products to seamlessly align with the unique needs and branding of each airline. While we pride ourselves on creating bespoke solutions through close partnerships, we also offer a range of standard options, readily available off-the-shelf, ensuring a perfect blend of customization and convenience for our valued clients.

Service driven design

Our Main Cabin product range for the contemporary leisure traveler offers convenience to passengers and crew by meeting all needs of cost effectiveness and practicality. This range features innovative tray settings, bespoke beverage solutions, hot or cold meal casseroles, single use or rotable cutlery and cardboard containers, to name a few.

Customer-centric product development

Our product design approach is not just about appearances, there’s also a decidedly functional aspect: how many portions will be served? Hot meals or cold? How does the product design affect handling and logistics? How will it be used by the consumer and of course it’s disposal stage. Our customer centric design approach is based on four key phases of work, each with a specific set of activities and deliverables.

Get inspired

Take a look at some of our Main Cabin concepts.

Are you


Whether it’s a highly customized, bespoke design or a more standard of the shelf product, we’re able to provide you with a foodservice solution that perfectly fits your brand or business.

Premium cabin

At deSter, we aim to create premium experiences inspired design from bespoke premium tableware concepts to luxury amenity kits and more, we’ve got it covered.

Sustainability matters

Whether Foodservice or Travel, we always keep sustainability in mind from design to production to product delivery. We are committed to creating a positive impact on the world, which doesn’t only mean our impact on the environment but also our impact on people and our role in society.