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deSter is a leading provider of innovative food packaging and serviceware concepts to the aviation and food service industry. We create tailor-made innovations by combining our detailed understanding of the industry, our passion for design and service trends, and listening to the customer’s specific needs. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing products, we are experts in providing our customers with reliable products that meet the most stringent quality standards.

deSter's history goes back to the year 1936 when the company was founded in Amsterdam by T.H. Ritman. Initially, the company produced cleaning and service products for hotels, hospitals and restaurants.
Joost Ritman took over the company from his father in 1969 and took on the further development of deSter. They were convinced that the aviation industry would develop enormously due to the growing number of passengers and the increase in traveling. In the seventies, the rise of deSter accelerated due to onboard weight optimization as plastic disposable and reusable products replaced the heavier porcelain. With a view to expansion through the great success, the Ritman brothers ended up at the one-man company of Jaak Geens in Hoogstraten. Jaak specialized in molds and producer of plastic ice cream scoops and fries forks.
In 1963, Jaak Geens started an injection moulding business, producing plastic spoons and stirrers in the garage of his home in Hoogstraten. In 1973, his company was acquired by the Ritman Family and deSter Disposables was born.
EQT-owned Duni AB acquired deSter in 1999 and restructured the business and repositioned the company within the in-flight equipment and in-flight catering industry. In 2005, this division was separated from Duni and continued operating under the name deSter.
gategroup acquires deSter. Since September 2007 deSter has been part of gategroup, the global leader in airline catering, retail-on-board and hospitality products and services. 
deSter and SPIRIANT were merged in 2021 to capitalize on experiences in terms of product portfolio and sustainable solutions on a higher level. SPIRIANT production capabilities and advanced equipment management solutions complete the portfolio of deSter and add value to all gategroup’s activities.

We innovate

In every product we develop, human creativity is the first and foremost ingredient. We are experts in turning creative ideas into an inspired design, then a tasteful product, and finally a globally distributed reality. Our design approach is based on four key phases aiming to deliver results through co-development.

We deliver

At deSter we combine a wealth of in-depth knowledge and industry experience with a passion for trends and technological innovation in order to deliver on any challenge. Together with our customers we go for a thorough understanding of their market, operations and desired customer experience. 

We connect

deSter has production plants in Europe, US and Thailand in addition to sales offices and warehouses worldwide. With more than 1000 dedicated employees and worldwide supply chain, we deliver food service concepts across the globe on a daily basis.


Since September 2007 deSter has been part of gategroup, a global food and hospitality company offering a full spectrum of culinary experiences and services for all tastes and preferences. gategroup delivers operational excellence through the most extensive catering network in the aviation industry, serving more than 700 million passengers annually in over 60 countries worldwide.

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Both the foodservice and travel industries are core markets in our business. We serve Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chains, food processors, airlines, hotels & rail customers across the globe.

The success of deSter depends in large part on its employees. As a result, we focus our energy on attracting and retaining talented individuals and encouraging their growth and development within our company. Ready for your next professional adventure?


deSter constantly grows in different markets, releases new products, and implements its ESG strategy further. Our news section is regularly updated to bring you the latest updates about the business.