Caring about our employees and
communities around us

Our People

People play an essential role in our ESG strategy. Without our dedicated employees, we wouldn't have been able to run our business and grow for the past years. The same counts for working together with our suppliers and customers. We understand that our operations influence the lives of communities around us and want to work together with them to create a positive impact.


Our workplace

The success of deSter depends in large part on its employees. As a result, we focus our energy on attracting and retaining talented individuals and encourage their growth and development within our company. We work hard to achieve an environment in which individual and team efforts are rewarded and recognized, and employees are inspired to be a part of our organization.

Our marketplace

We seek to apply and improve standards throughout our supply chain and optimize value, keeping the needs of our customers at the forefront of our decision-making. Corporate support of this mission is anchored by a number of global programs, including but not limited to global operational excellence programs, supplier programs and global employee training, which ensures best-in-class service.

Our community

Wherever we do business, our priority is to contribute positively to the communities that we serve. We encourage our employees to share their expertise, help people in their communities and to devote some of their time and energy to making the world a better place. Also, throughout our circular economy approach, we actively work to do our bit and transform our portfolio to ensure our packaging is designed to prevent waste in the first place.

Our Planet

We design, produce and supply innovative food packaging and serviceware concepts worldwide for the aviation and food service industries. With our locations around the world, our production facilities on three continents, and our global network of suppliers and customers, we are aware of the impact we have on our planet. That's why we committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2050 and managing our resource use.

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Our Product

Creating sustainable products is key for deSter. Our portfolio ranges from food packaging to serviceware to soft goods such as amenity kits and sleepwear. Our aim is become 100% circular and our dedicated R&D team, designers and product managers are constantly looking for ways to improve, create products which are sustainable but do not fail on design or performance.

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Our Policies

We are committed to conducting business in a responsible manner which does not only include our customers but also our employees and communities around us. Below you can find a set of policies we've developed to help us do so.

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