Product innovation through creative design.


At deSter we consider product development an ongoing process of innovation, engineering and service design. We make it our job to keep up with the big picture, setting the pace on industry trends.

Our approach

Our design approach is based on 4 KEY PHASES, aiming to deliver balanced results through co-development.


deStudio is our in-house multidisciplinary team of designers, engineers and product developers, all collaborating to construct future travel and foodservice products, enhanced services and production methodologies.

It is where inspiration is born, new trends are conceptualized and innovative products created. Whether it’s developing a new product line, revitalising an existing range, or helping our customers reach a competitive edge though innovative design, our talented and experienced team delivers on any creative or operational challenge.

Customer-centric product design

In order to deliver the best possible customer experience, we don’t limit ourselves to just designing aesthetically pleasing products, there’s also a decidedly functional aspect. How many portions will be served? Hot meals or cold? Which branded comfort items are complementary with your brand? How will the product design affect logistics, how will it be used by the consumer and of course it’s disposal stage. This knowledge and experience is something that we gladly share with our clients and it is this aspect which substantiates our claim to bring added value to any project.

An interconnected network of industry experts

We believe a collaborative and multidisciplinary development approach is the key to innovation. This is why we work together with industry experts such as trend watchers, Michelin star chefs, fashion designers and scientific researchers to name a few. This way we are able to provide our customers with innovative, future proof products and services that do not only deliver on today’s requirements but also anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Are you


The success of deSter depends in large part on its employees. As a result, we focus our energy on attracting and retaining talented individuals and encouraging their growth and development within our company.

Quality & global delivery

Our global sourcing & procurement team works 24/7 to optimise cost efficiencies for our customers. Once a product, or an interconnected range of products, is perfected, our services department takes over the logistics of production, packaging and product delivery.


Whether Foodservice or Travel, we always keep sustainability in mind from design to production to product delivery. We are committed to creating a positive impact on the world, which doesn’t only mean our impact on the environment but also our impact on people and our role in society.