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At deSter, we are creating sustainable food and travel experiences. Our goal is for passengers to have great memories about their journey without compromising the design, which is practical and easy to use for the crew.

With customers globally, our products include tableware, equipment, amenity kits, textiles and sleepware.

Memorable journey

Today, travel service providers are increasingly expected to deliver a cutting-edge service, turning travel into a lasting memory. At deSter we collaborate with our customers to deliver products that enhance the overall passenger experience, turning travel into a journey long to be remembered.

Passenger first

As a key supplier to all major airlines, we’re all about creating exciting and inspiring inflight service concepts, providing customized catering equipment and delivering bespoke amenity solutions that enhance the onboard experience.

Collaborative approach

With our deStudio team, we are creating impeccable designs that are modern, beautiful, and pleasant to use for both the passenger and the crew. In addition, we partner with designers and brands to go one step further including elements that are recognizable and already loved. 

Premium cabin

Our products deliver premium onboard dining moments through innovative material use, surprising textures and inspired design.

Main cabin

Our economy class product range for the contemporary leisure traveller offers convenience to passengers and crew by meeting all needs of cost-effectiveness and practicality.

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At deSter we’re all about creating exciting and inspiring food service concepts that invigorate the experience ofa good meal. Whether it’s a highly customized, bespoke design or a more standard of the shelf product, we’re able to provide you with a solution that perfectly fits your brand or business.

Sustainability matters

Whether Foodservice or Travel, we always keep sustainability in mind from design to production to product delivery. We are committed to creating a positive impact on the world, which doesn’t only mean our impact on the environment but also our impact on people and our role in society.


deSter is always moving forward, and we frequently announce new partnerships, ESG progress or product updates. Check our news section to learn more.