Although we believe in the power of reusable packaging, we understand that it’s not always possible to transition immediately because of various restrictions. Our range of recyclable food packaging made from PP or PET ensures your customers still enjoy a pleasant experience without the guilt of negative environmental impact.

The two highly-performing materials we currently work with are easy to produce and fit into existing recycling streams. In addition, our production is fully optimized and we can provide fast turnaround.

Eco-friendly Packaging for a Better Tomorrow

Even if you use single-use plastic, it doesn’t mean it has to harm our planet. We’ve developed single-use recyclable food packaging, which can serve as an intermediate solution before switching to more sustainable reusable options. 

Reusable packaging

The end goal of making our future more sustainable is to have less waste. That’s why reusable products are more and more often in the spotlight. Legislations worldwide are changing, and we have a solution that works. And it’s not just the product. We figure out the whole supply chain with you.

Compostable packaging

innovative and environmentally responsible compostable food packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our packaging is designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging options that minimize environmental impact and reduce waste.