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deSter recyclable packaging

Although we believe in the power of reusable packaging, we understand that it's not always possible to transition immediately because of various restrictions. Our range of recyclable food packaging made from PP or PET ensures your customers still enjoy a pleasant experience without the guilt of negative environmental impact.

The two highly-performing materials we currently work with are easy to produce and fit into existing recycling streams. In addition, our production is fully optimized and we can provide fast turnaround. 


Fully customizable

How to make your brand shine? Our portfolio includes a standard range of packaging but it's all customizable. Ensure re-occurring purchases by creating memorable labels, sleeves, embossing or finding a color that pops.

deSter reusable products made of recycled materials

Made from recycled materials

Today we offer PP or PET as these materials currently have the best available recycling streams. Since the materials have been around for a long time, we had a lot of testing done and our production process is state-of-the-art.

deSter production factory

Locally produced

We have production facilities in Belgium, the USA and Thailand, allowing short lead times and close follow-up on orders, delivery and quality. Currently, at our Belgian plant, we are ready to distribute within 1000 km from our plant, avoiding long shipping journeys, and thus, reducing our carbon footprint.

Our recyclable products

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The end goal of making our future more sustainable is to have less waste. That's why reusable products are more and more often in the spotlight. Legislations worldwide are changing, and we have a solution that works. And it's not just the product. We figure out the whole supply chain with you.

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deSter REUSE/RECYCLE catalogue
deSter product catalogue

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