Our Planet, Our Priority:
Striving for a sustainable future for all

Our Planet

Today more than ever before, developing food packaging, tableware equipment is no longer just about optimizing functionality and looks. It’s also about designing environmentally conscious products that safeguard our world for future generations.


Product design

Every new product we design is assessed from an environmental point of view, taking into consideration not only the material it is made of but, most importantly, its life cycle and recycling options. It’s about making the right choices with a perfect balance between material use, logistics and recycling. This way, we aim to provide products that supersede the impression of being eco-friendly, delivering what they promise.

Responsible manufacturing & resource management

The way we produce our products has a direct impact on the environment. Therefore, we make ongoing improvements to our production processes and our logistics. We also expect all of our suppliers to join us in this journey and make sure that all materials we use are sourced, processed and produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

Local production and smart logistics

As we serve customers around the globe, resourceful manufacturing is only half the way. Aiming to minimize our carbon footprint, we have local manufacturing facilities in Belgium, the USA and Thailand enabling us to produce closer to our core markets, which in turn makes for a significant reduction in transportation and CO2 emission.

Our People

Our people play an essential role in our ESG strategy. Without our dedicated employees, we wouldn't have been able to run our business and grow for the past years. The same counts for working together with our suppliers and customers. At the same time, we realize that our operations influence the lives of communities around us and so we want to work together with them to create a positive impact.

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Our Product

Creating sustainable products is key for deSter. Our portfolio ranges from food packaging to serviceware to soft goods such as amenity kits and sleepwear. Our aim is become 100% circular and our dedicated R&D team, designers and product managers are constantly looking for ways to improve, create products which are sustainable but do not fail on design or performance.

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Our Commitments

At deSter, we do not only work on achieving goals alone. We are always pleased to become a part of a community where we can share experiences, learn from other companies and implement best practices. At the same time, our memberships & commitments show publicly that we are serious about our promises and are ready to report regularly on the progress.

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