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deSter compostable packaging

At deSter, we are proud to offer innovative and environmentally responsible compostable packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our compostable packaging is designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging options that minimize environmental impact and reduce waste.


Unique product design

Our portfolio of compostable packaging ranges from small to big containers, bowls, cups, and our unique pressed-board paper cutlery. All of them are designed according to the needs of consumers, ensuring it's easy-to-use, non-spill, durable and beautiful at the same time.

Fully customizable

We are here to make your brand identity translated into your packaging and create a truly unique experience for your customers. Are you tired of basic containers or bowls that are the same across your competition? Our packaging can be easily customized with embossment, printing, stickers, labels, sleeves, stamps and more to give your packaging an extra boost & a perfect finishing touch.

Made from sustainable materials

Our compostable products are made of straw, bagasse, bamboo paper or FSC®-certified paper (*deSter FSC® license code HGS FSC-C141738, PRB FSC-C159140). Moreover, our R&D team is constantly looking for new materials which could be used for our products, minimizing the impact on the environment further.

deSter production factory

Locally produced

We have production facilities in Belgium, the USA and Thailand, allowing short lead times and close follow-up on orders, delivery and quality. Currently, at our Belgian plant, we are ready to distribute within 1000 km from our plant, avoiding long shipping journeys, and thus, reducing our carbon footprint.

Our compostable products

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Looking for reusable packaging?

The end goal of making our future more sustainable is to have less waste. That's why reusable products are more and more often in the spotlight. Legislations worldwide are changing, and we have a solution that works. And it's not just the product. We figure out the whole supply chain with you.

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deSter REUSE/RECYCLE catalogue
deSter product catalogue

Want to learn more about our food packaging innovations? Use the link below to download our latest REUSE/RECYCLE catalogue.

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