Textiles that make your passengers feel at home

Nothing can make you feel more relaxed on a long flight than a cozy blanket, comfortable pyjama, and a soft pillow. Passengers are looking forward to unwinding, getting pampered and enjoying the journey and it’s up to the airlines to meet these expectations. deSter as a supplier of complete inflight services is an ideal partner when it comes to textiles as we have extensive knowledge, long-standing reputation in the industry and sustainable & innovative products that create a “coming home” feeling.

Our bedding and textile portfolio is diverse, ranging from lightweight blankets to comfortable mattresses to cozy wellwear. But the one thing they all have in common is they are made from 100% sustainable materials and are comfort focused. Our conscious thinking continues deep into the manufacturing process, which is why we have agreed on reducing, or even completely avoiding hazardous chemicals during the production process. This way your passengers can also be part of a global movement towards sustainability while still experiencing dreamy comfort and a journey to remember.

More concrete, deSter capabilities include the following items in all cabins from front to main:

  • Blankets
  • Pillow inserts & covers
  • Mattresses
  • Headrest covers

So, what makes deSter special? We’ve been in the airlines industry for more than 40 years and are constantly on top of latest trends, innovations and developments. Our own dedicated product manager Olga Fahn studied clothing & textile engineering and is a vital link between customers and deSter designers. Together as a team they are able to co-create not only specific products but experiences which give a sense of a curated collection and a wow-effect onboard.

“A Bedding and Sleep program must offer practicality, durability, cost-effectiveness and, of course, absolute comfort. At deSter, we do everything we can to achieve the ultimate goal – perfect passenger comfort and sleep experience, where textiles are intrinsic. Many different technical nuances go into creating the perfect fabric: the lifecycle, industrial laundry process, turning a graphic design concept to fit the cabin.  Sustainability is another major factor which we take into account in all our solutions. There are so many exciting opportunities to integrate an eco-friendly, stylish and cost-efficient aspect into an airline’s portfolio.“ – commented Olga.

Circular economy and closed loop are a very important part of our ESG strategy and this also applied to textiles. We keep an eye on the complete cycle from creation to end of life. As such, we are currently looking into RFID technology to track our products in every stage and improve recyclability.

Keep an eye on our future blogs as we will talk more about quality of our textiles and testing process, material innovation and more.

If you would like to talk to us about your textile needs, get in touch info@dester.com