Premium Dining: our take on business & first-class food experience

deSter has more than 40 years of experience in serviceware and equipment for the airline industry, and throughout this time we perfected our first and business class offering. Within our portfolio for premium dining, we have many product categories from tableware to cutlery to table linen. Today we wanted to show you a bit more our capabilities and what we can offer our customers.


When we talk about chinaware we distinguish between materials and collections which help create a unique look and feel for each product. Materials we currently use include porcelain, fine china, bone china and our own unique E.LITE bone china.

‘The E.lite Bone is lighter and thinner without variation in size and shape compared to porcelain and bone china. This is considered to be a major technical achievement by deSter as thinner items generally have more firing distortion.’ – Physical testing report dd.29th February 2016 Lucideon, UK.

  • 30% weight saving vs. porcelain
    Thanks to the significant reduction in wall thickness, even compared to bone china, we are able to save weight: 30% compared to porcelain.
  • 50% improved stacking
    As the walls are equally thin from top till bottom, we obtain the optimal stackability, especially for conical shapes.
  • Restaurant feeling
    International chefs love working with e.lite bone China as this is the closest to Fine Bone China in terms of thickness and lightweight.
  • Competitive vs. bone china
    Prices for chinaware in our e.lite bone china quality are more competitive versus bone china.

Our design experience & product knowledge helped us create more than 10 different collections which vary in shape, color and functionality. We also closely work with our customers to create one-of-a-kind chinaware sets which create a “wow”-effect on each passenger.

Stainless Steel

When traveling premium passengers expect luxury and choosing the right cutlery will allow you to elevate your chinaware look. We have several different stainless steel cutlery designs which are either complimentary to our tableware collections or unique on its own allowing to mix-and-match.


Did you know that a glass can change the taste of your drink? It’s definitely true for wine, champagne or spirits that are served onboard. That’s why our designers & product managers created a glassware portfolio for every occasion with durability, weight saving & flexibility in mind. Our main materials for glass include crystal, soda-lime and our innovative slim glass.

Table Linen

Table linen does not only play a functional role when it comes to dining onboard but also finishes up the way food is served. At deSter we offer both single use and reusable options depending on your individual needs.

Single use does not mean low quality and easily damaged, we offer 100% cotton and 100% synthetic placemats, coasters and napkins which are durable, have great capacity for absorption, pleasant texture and high on hygiene. Using sustainable materials is key while still providing a lot of choice when it comes to colors, designs and sizes – ideal for filling your table with glamour.

Signature Items

Our signature items can create mood for any meal served in business or first class. It’s where each airline can show their own unique brand. Small accents can make or break the whole dining experience and our experts make sure to include new functions and individualization to each item. As such, we offer the following products and many more:

  • Bread baskets & bags
  • Napkin rings & bands
  • Stirrers and chopsticks
  • Salt & pepper shaker sets, mils & new ideas
  • Wood imitating bowls and trays

With our premium dining portfolio we can create unforgettable experiences without compromising on quality, functionality or look & feel. Also, sustainability plays an important role not only in the choice of materials but also when it comes to sourcing and production. If you are interested to learn more, please, get in touch with us via and together we can create a perfect concept that suits your needs as well as your passengers.