deSter dental kits: where passengers’ comfort meets sustainability

We all know that oral care is extremely important, and dentists recommend brushing teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. It’s relatively easy to maintain in the comfort of your own home but when travelling keeping your teeth clean and your breath fresh can become a bit of a challenge, especially if you forget your toothbrush when packing.

Dental kits are customary for airlines whether they are placed in lavatories or distributed as a part of a bigger amenity kit. The simple reason is to provide a bit of comfort to passengers and possibility to maintain hygiene, for the most part during long haul flights. Let’s face it, everyone wants nothing more than to feel refreshed after a long flight and a fresh breath can make a big difference to a passenger’s overall experience.

In the past all we knew were plastic toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, and while at home you would have less waste due to bigger packaging, on board of an airplane hundreds of thousands of dental kits are used & thrown away. With plastic pollution becoming a major problem in the recent years, companies started looking into different alternatives when it came to materials but also a concept of dental care itself. In addition, the European Union implemented SUP directive in 2021 banning single use plastic which pushed airlines to find eco-friendly options which are compliant and at the same time answer the demand of passengers for more sustainable products.

Over the years deSter has built many successful partnerships with different dental brands globally and as a result we now have a portfolio where sustainability is at the core.


Today we offer two types of materials – bamboo and wheat straw. There is also an option to have a pre-pasted toothbrush where the toothpaste is already coated on the bristles eliminating toothpaste tube completely.

Brands we work with:

@Bambuubrush – bamboo toothbrushes from the UK
Additional activities: collection of ocean waste

Bamboovement – bamboo toothbrushes from the Netherlands
Additional activities: tree planting & beach clean ups

Humble Brush – bamboo toothbrushes from Sweden
Additional activities: oral care education for children

Flyingbambu – bamboo tooth brushes with pre-coated toothpaste


Toothpaste options include packaging in tubes or paper sachets. When a gel is used for toothpaste there are two types of tubes available: PCR recycled plastic and aluminum. However, today a new trend emerged with tooth chews or tablets which are packaged in paper sachets. Tablets are dry and are supposed to be chewed first before starting to brush.

Brands we work with:

White Glo – brightening tooth paste from Australia

Smilecare – traditional in-flight tooth paste from Germany

Happy Tabs – dental tabs from the Netherlands

Chews by Dr. Robb – dental tabs from Australia

Denttabs – dental tabs from Germany

If you are interested in refreshing your dental kit, get in touch