deSter and Honey Corn – an exclusive partnership that feels good and does good

During long-haul flights, an amenity kit is something you expect to find to make your journey more pleasant, whether it’s keeping your skin hydrated, ensuring your breath is fresh, or having a good night’s sleep. An amenity kit filled with the right essentials can make all the difference, and even something passengers want to keep as memorabilia after they leave the plane. However, finding the right brands to be inside the kit is not an easy task. At deSter, we work with many different partners, and one of those is Honey Corn, a skincare brand which is good for the skin but also sustainable.

Within our ESG strategy, we are committed to reducing our negative impact on the environment while helping communities around us. Honey Corn fits perfectly in our vision with its amazing products and other activities they do which positively contribute to biodiversity and the community. With many years of working together, deSter and Honey Corn established an exclusive partnership within the airline industry which creates many befits for our customers. As such:

  • Access to responsible products which do not have any harmful ingredients, are vegan, cruelty-free and packed in sustainable packaging
  • Much more competitive prices compared to other brands
  • Shorter lead times
  • A “Bee a keeper” campaign launched by Honey Corn to establish a network of beekeepers across developing countries. Honey is the main ingredient in Honey Corn products, and the campaign aims to help the bee population while enabling farmers to gain crop yields and financial stability. The story is a true inspiration and something passengers of today would definitely appreciate.
Working with various skincare brands, we can always find the perfect match for any airline and its vision. We’ve become experts in making amenity kits practical, beautiful and sustainable. Because of the exclusive partnership with Honey Corn, we can guarantee the quality of products since we have rights for manufacturing in China. At the same time, we stand behind the brand’s story and aspire positive lifestyle for passengers.

About Honey Corn

Honey Corn is a luxury beauty brand born out of the desire to create naturally pure, artisan skincare. Their products are made with honey, also known as liquid gold, because of its curative properties. It promotes and maintains healthy skin.

Honey Corn products contain high-quality plant-based ingredients, and their philosophy is “Botanic, Organic, Natural”.

“Honey Corn is artisanal batch made, with a modern-day apothecary sensibility. We believe in using only the best quality ingredients which are safe to use on the skin. Our products are certified organic; Honey Corn is natural and not tested on animals.

Honey Corn is proudly free from Paraben and sulphate, mineral oil, silicone, cruelty, EDTA, SLS, and dye features: fragrance and essential oil free.

Gender Neutral this product works, for you, for me.”

The brand has been selected by leading beauty insiders to represent the best British skincare brands at ‘Beauty World Dubai 2022’ – the beauty industries leading world event. It has also appeared in well-known magazines such as Vogue, Tatler, Trend Prive and Mayfair Life.

Learn more about Honey Corn and its products portfolio here