The Top Products to Speed up Service Onboard

Speedy service is at the top of every airline’s list. It’s crucial for keeping passengers comfortable and is essential for a happy crew and it reduces overall costs. For fluent service, products need to have a seamless and smart design. This addresses real-life issues that crop up on airlines.

Here’s our very own top 5:

1. Foldable drawer and waste bag holder

Our waste bag holder is the first rotable waste bag concept in the market that perfectly fits into a trolley runner. It works in conjunction with a drawer that folds flat in when not used, to generate space for a waste bag. It improves service processes for the crew, as both products are designed to be easy to use and save space.

2. Trayless service concept

With our trayless concept, you can easily put a casserole dish on the underplate, place a meal on top with a cutlery set from a perfectly placed side box. It’s a genius product for airlines as it comes directly to the passenger and is fast-handling for the crew.

3. Glass rack

Our glass racks and Porcelain Saver make sure your porcelain, fine bone china and glassware products are looked after. The glasses are easy to handle safely so crew can be confident in their use. It speeds up the service for the dishwasher, as they put an empty glass rack on top and simply turn it around to wash glasses.

4. Cup-holder with ice bucket

A small, but indispensable product, it’s easy to install the holder on the trolley using a ‘snap-in’ method. The cups are then fixed so they don’t fall out. It’s helpful for the crew, as they can grab them upside down with the left hand and serve the beverage and ice with the right.

5. Stackable meal boxes

We have meal boxes that focus on stackability, without compromising on aesthetics. The hot meal box is easily nestled on top of the cold meal box for a space-saving and compact solution. The added bonus is that they are easy to serve and clear away, saving the crew precious time.

The truth is, you can have visually appealing products that are also highly functional and speedy service for a happy crew. This results in satisfied passengers and efficient flight service.

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