Thailand (PRB) Production Facility- Spotlight on deSter’s Global Manufacturing Excellence

deSter stands at the forefront of the food packaging and serviceware industry, delivering innovative concepts to aviation and food service sectors. With a remarkable manufacturing history spanning 50 years, our journey began with a legendary fries’ fork. Over the years, we have expanded globally, and today, we operate manufacturing facilities in Belgium, the USA, and Thailand, embodying a glocal approach. Our strategic presence across three continents enables us to reduce delivery times, minimize costs, and lower CO2 emissions by producing closer to our valued customers.

To mark a milestone in our production capabilities, we’re introducing a special article series delving into our manufacturing facilities. Let’s continue this journey in Prachinburi, Thailand.

deSter Thailand Production Facility- Spotlight (hereinafter: PRB) is located in the province of Prachinburi, 150 km northeast of Bangkok, Thailand.

Established in 1996, PRB grew to a factory with currently 500 employees. It manufactures a wide range of products, from rotable items to single use items, in fiber, paper, aluminium and plastic – both for Travel and Foodservice markets. The main segment is 90% travel with top customers such as  Delta Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Air Canada and Etihad. The split by continent is approximately 30% Asia-Pacific, 30% Americas, 20% Middle East and 20% Europe.

The factory had several certifications and accreditations, as well for products as for systems and CSR. In the beginning, the main focus was the production of injection molding, paper and non-woven items, and cutlery packs. In the 2000’s, thermoforming and aluminum productions were added to the in-house manufacturing. The latest investment is into wet moulded fiber production, in 2023. PRB is in full preparation of the in-house manufacturing of press board cutlery for the Asia-Pacific region, operations over the course of this year.

Being part of deSter and gategroup, of course PRB is also fully committed to sustainability. The factory has invested into the manufacturing process of eco friendly Wet Mould Fiber products (Bagasse containers and lids, PFAS free), and is implementing the process of Press Board Cutlery (PBC), made of high tech eco friendly papers. The water used in WMF process is recycled.

As a contributions to deSter’s broader sustainability goals, the disposal of industrial wastes is reduced through landfill by using Co-Processing in the kiln for cement production (with Ecocycle company).

Alongside their community engagement, PRB continuously aims to sensibilize the local community and students in surrounding schools, regarding the disposal of hazardous wastes. They collaborate with the local authorities, who started the implementation of collecting points for disposal of hazardous wastes.

Regarding the future, PRB will continue their expansion and investment into in house manufacturing of sustainable products, which would also require expansion of the site, and improvement of safety equipment.

Follow our journey as we uncover deSter’s global manufacturing excellence in future articles.