How to speed up the service onboard with deSter crew & galley equipment

Speedy service during the flight is at the top of every airline’s list. It’s crucial for keeping passengers comfortable and calm while simultaneously making working routines as efficient as possible for the crew. The right equipment can also help reduce overall costs. At deSter, we offer our customers equipment with a seamless smart design, practical and easy to use.

Today we would like to talk about four key products within our “Crew & Galley Equipment” category.

Insulation (EPP Box)

deSter offers several products made of EPP (expanded polypropylene): 2 sizes of insulated drawers with a lid, a dry ice cover, a bottle cooler and one of our recent innovations – a front loader EPP box.

The advantage of the front loader drawers is that you don’t need to take them out of the trolley to unload them. The opening is at the front of the drawer. The hinge can be placed on the top or bottom of the opening. Therefore, you can open it in two ways. Inside are 6 slidable racks which enable the crew to grab the content easier and more efficient.

We also offer insulated drawers for wet and dry ice which are stackable, food safe and durable. When used with a lid, wet ice drawers have been tested to have only 2% of the initial ice melted after 4 hours. After 8 hours, only 21% of the wet ice became liquid.

Glass racks

Our glass racks make sure porcelain, fine bone china and glassware products are looked after. They provide complete protection for items used on board, reducing 70% of glass breakage. It also speeds up the service for the dishwasher, as they put an empty glass rack on top and simply turn it around to wash glasses.

We currently offer 10 different glass racks of diverse diameters which can also be individually customized with name and logo printing as well as adjusted in height for each airline.


deSter drawers come in different versions, from high-quality PP polypropylene to cardboard. Plastic drawers have an extended life cycle and can be used multiple times until the end of life. They are also stackable are dishwasher safe.

Besides a regular drawer, we also offer a unique foldable drawer. It can be set up with two simple moves and fits perfectly into a single runner. The drawer fits up to 3 times into a single runner when folded up. Thus, it can be stored, saving space when the drawer is not in use. It perfectly complements the waste bag holder since, after its use, the drawer can be folded up, which leaves enough space to use the waste bag holder and fill the waste bag itself.

Our cardboard drawer is lighter than plastic and is perfect when you need to save space as it can be disposed of after use. Food safety certified, this option, as well as other deSter drawers, can be customized for each airline.

The service preparation drawer is optimized to put on top of a Bar Service Cart. It’s shorter than a standard drawer and the cut-out helps the crew to handle beverages more comfortably.

Waste bag holder

Our waste bag holder is the market’s first rotable waste bag concept that perfectly fits into a trolley runner. It works with a drawer that folds flat when not used to generate space for a waste bag. It improves service processes for the crew, as both products are designed to be easy to use and save space.

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