Embracing Sustainability: deSter’s Commitment to Circular Packaging Solutions

At deSter, sustainability isn’t an add-on—it’s at the heart of everything we do. Since our inception in 1973 as a Belgian company crafting the iconic fries fork, we’ve evolved into a global force, spreading our sustainable packaging solutions across the globe. Our goal is to create sustainable food and travel experiences driven by design, R&D, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

It’s not just about creating packaging; we pioneer sustainable, innovative solutions. At deSter, we are already a market leader in aviation and are rapidly growing in foodservice segments like Quick Service Restaurants, Events, Retail, and On-the-Go experiences.

deSter and Royal Antwerp Football Club partnership

Our collaboration with RAFC showcases the power of co-development. When the club was looking for a sustainable cup solution, we didn’t just replace disposable plastic cups with reusable ones. Together with other partners, we were able to make the entire system work – integrating ultra-fast payment and a return/refund mechanism — that enhances the fan experience while ensuring an ecological footprint reduction.

All RAFC reusable cups, including RFID integration, are proudly produced in Hoogstraten, Belgium, close to the football stadium. Proximity can significantly reduce our ecological footprint, while also boosting local economic growth. Moreover, replacing single-use cups with our reusable cups allows RAFC to replace a staggering 1.5 million disposable cups.

Innovation in Motion: Towards a Closed Loop System

deSter never stops growing and innovating. We’re currently embarking on phase 2, aiming for a complete closed-loop system. Our reusable cups will be returned to us to undergo re-grinding, and the reclaimed raw material will fuel the production of new, food-approved reusable cups. No single-use plastic, no waste left behind.

Join the Sustainable Revolution with deSter

Our journey towards circular economy isn’t just a vision—it’s a reality in motion. Together with our partners and customers, we’re reshaping the future of packaging. If you’re seeking sustainable, reusable solutions for your business, contact us to learn more via info@dester.com.