deSter & LaGaia: Elevating Self-Care During Travel

At deSter, we take immense pride in fostering meaningful collaborations with prominent brands to create bespoke amenity kits that cater to the unique needs of each airline. Our approach revolves around brand philosophy, product excellence, convenience, and sustainability. By forging strong connections between airlines and remarkable brands, we strive to deliver extraordinary experiences for passengers that transcend the boundaries of traditional travel. Today, we would like to introduce LaGaia, a pH balanced, scientifically formulated skincare range that delivers potent vitamins, botanical extracts and gems from Nature to provide unsurpassed results.

deSter and LaGaia UNEDITED (LUE) have been successfully working together for several years, perfecting the “wellness on board” concept. Embodying deSter’s core value of “creating sustainable food and travel experiences,” LaGaia seamlessly complements this vision with its robust scientific foundation and compelling product philosophy.

Initially renowned for its wellness offerings in luxury hotels, resorts, and spas, LaGaia embarked on a journey into the airline market with the aim of bridging the gap and promoting a holistic approach to well-being throughout the entire travel experience, from port to port. With an unwavering commitment to providing formulations and experiences that nurture the skin, mind, and body, even amidst the disruptive and dehydrating environments of modern-day travel, LaGaia sought to empower the global transient community with its transformative offerings. Today, the presence of LaGaia’s products on Qantas flights and lounges has become synonymous with luxury and care, enriching passengers’ travel experiences.

So, what sets LaGaia apart from other brands in the industry?

The foundation of LaGaia lies in the visionary expertise of its founder Dr. Jean Laing D.C. who has 30 years of health care and scientific practice to her name, and has earned her status as a leading voice in global holistic health, wellness and skincare. She has spanned continents and decades to understand what constitutes quality skincare performance to 21st century consumers, spending time at the top end luxury spas around the world. LaGaia is built on her medical experience and industry knowledge with a determination to pioneer skin protection and rejuvenation techniques for her patients.

Moreover, LaGaia is family-owned and a true representation of female power with Dr. Jean Laing and her daughter Kristen running the company together. Kristen has worked closely with Dr. Jean for over a decade to modernize what beauty means today, introducing the concept of UNEDITED beauty. Using her paramedical aesthetic background as a Dermal Clinician to enhance the formulative results, building on Dr. Jean Laing’s original company promise, they are a powerful balance of generational wisdom, luxury industry experience and clinical education.

Education lies at the heart of LaGaia’s philosophy. In the aviation industry the brand places significant emphasis on inflight wellness and empowering passengers to enhance their journey’s comfort and enjoyment. Recognizing that maintaining internal and external hydration plays a pivotal role in mitigating the premature aging effects often experienced during travel, LaGaia encourages travelers to adopt wellness-oriented habits. “We love to travel and want to ensure that our passion to explore the world doesn’t mean compromising our wellness.” – stated Kristen Elise BHScDT.

Dr. Laing D.C. reinforces this sentiment, highlighting the importance of hydration and nutrition during air travel to combat jetlag and facilitate swift travel recovery. “Having a glass of filter water with a squeeze of lemon can make all the difference in air, along with smaller more frequent meals that are highly nutritious, combining this with intervals of movement are ideal.”

In essence, the partnership between deSter and LaGaia exemplifies a shared vision—a commitment to enhancing the travel experience through a combination of innovation, sustainability, and a deep understanding of the importance of self-care. Together, we aim to empower passengers to embark on their journeys with newfound comfort and excitement, confident in the knowledge that their well-being is of paramount importance throughout their travels. As we celebrate International Self-care Day, we invite you to embrace this philosophy of wellness and embark on a transformative journey with deSter and LaGaia.