deSter cutlery portfolio: a sustainable choice

Innovation has always been on top of mind for deSter. We are constantly looking for new materials and processes to create products which satisfy every need of the customer and at the same time are aesthetically pleasing & functional. When it came to cutlery, several years ago we had a vast portfolio where plastic was the preferred material due to our company heritage and years of experience in the airline industry. However, with the world becoming much more conscious of the environment and impact people and companies have, deSter started changing its approach and shaping a sustainability strategy that had a huge impact on the products we sell. In addition, when EU announced a new directive which would ban single-use plastic cutlery by 3rd July 2021, we knew that we must adapt and embrace our offering.

One of the goals of the SUP directive is to move from single use to re-usable solutions. However, in some cases, such as cutlery, single use often cannot be avoided… According to the definitions of the EU SUP (Single Use Plastics) directive, single use cutlery should be made from renewable unmodified natural materials.

Given these restrictions nowadays we can offer the following solutions when it comes to cutlery:

Wood (Birch)

What could be more natural than wood? deSter offers cutlery made from FSC®-certified* birch trees that do not need wax or lamination. If required, a wax finish can be foreseen. Our wooden cutlery range has clear high-quality standards on colour variation, splintering, smooth surface, foreign substance, etc. while the FSC® certification assures the lasting protection of the forest as well as people and animals who depend on it.


Apart from its amazing and eco-friendly ability to renew itself rapidly, bamboo is a perfect, natural material for cutlery production. Although it is not the cheapest solution, its long fibers give it extra strength, resulting in a more premium product and better functionality compared to birch wood. The material used for our production is also FSC®-certified.

Paper Board

Paper cutlery is a new, renewable, lightweight material with sustainability at its core. It is made from compressed board which comes from natural fibers. Paper board is ideal for single use as it is home compostable and can be recycled through existing paper waste streams. The characteristics of paper improve the whole dining experience when compared to using wood or bamboo cutlery because it feels more comfortable. Paper board is a patented technology developed and manufactured by deSter.

Reusable Cutlery

To eliminate waste completely reusable cutlery offers a great solution. The cutlery is washed and reused and then recycled at the end of its life. Materials for reusable cutlery include either stainless steel or standard/renewable resins that can be recycled in our closed loop system. When considering this solution, it is necessary to keep in mind that the shift from single use cutlery to reusable cutlery may involve some operational changes.

Reliable, well-designed, and user-friendly cutlery truly adds to the creation of an enjoyable dining experience. All our designs are optimized to provide an ultimate sensory feel. From standard to premium, from wood to fiber material, every cutlery has its own design and functionality.

By having our in-house design and development teams being closely connected to our factories, combined with their market and cutlery design expertise, we can offer you tailor-made solutions upon request, which not only include cutlery itself but also wrapping. We have a variety of wrapping designs and can assemble different components together including napkins, salt, pepper and sugar packs as well as refreshing, disinfecting or hygienic wipes. Each cutlery pack or roll provides great customer experience, fulfills both functional and hygienic needs while still caring for the environment.

Are you interested in our products and want to learn more? Contact us via and our experts will help you discover an exciting world of cutlery.

*deSter HGS FSC® license code FSC-C141738