Create a memorable experience for passengers with deSter amenity kits

Nowadays airlines are making more and more effort to impress passengers, make their journey more comfortable and create excitement when it comes to traveling. In most cases, however, passengers leave the plane and forget about their experience. Amenity kits can become an excellent tool in creating a long-lasting memory, a gift from the airline which can be appreciated by both kids and adults.
In the past twenty years amenity kits have evolved from alleviating the discomforts of travel via basic items such as socks, eyeshades, dental kits and earplugs to much more sophisticated products and enriched collaborations.

Today we see cosmetics from well-known brands, toys for kids, sleepwear as essentials when it comes to first and business class and even main cabin in some cases. A lot of attention is paid to attractiveness, quality, usability of products, sustainability as well as alignment with unique brand identities of each airline.

Amenity kits as part of deSter offering

In the aviation industry deSter is mainly known for its serviceware concepts which basically evolve around food and service. However, to be a supplier of complete inflight services we feel it’s important to provide a variety of products in different categories becoming one-stop-shop. Amenity kits are an important part of our business, and we are extremely proud of our teams & the knowledge they have in this area.

With long-standing history and impeccable reputation in the inflight equipment business globally deSter has a unique competitive advantage, becoming a supplier of choice for many airlines. We are driven by strong relationships with our customers and like no other understand the importance of co-operation & co-creation.

We use our design-thinking process to create a perfect concept & make each passenger feel special at the end of the day. Our guiding principles are:

  • Airline’s DNA, their vision, operational constraints, etc.
  • Mega trends within the industry & best practice developed over the years internally
  • Any possible changes or new developments within the airline (e.g. purchase of new aircrafts, revamp of cabins & configurations, new initiatives) 

At deSter we are creating sustainable food and travel experiences. We ensure each airline delivers exceptional memories and there is no better way than an exceptional amenity kit designed by deSter. Would you like to work together? Get in touch