3 Signature Items to Enhance a Premium Experience Onboard

‘Fine dining’ is a term we hear a lot these days. And to be competitive, airlines need to make sure that their passengers have access to the finer touches on board to make their flight special.

While premium makes many think of ramped up costs, the reality is that small touches can make a big difference.

Here are the top 3 signature products that enrich your premium impact.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper are universal spices. They give a personal taste to the meal, accounting for how flavors can taste different on the air and you may need extra flavor.
They help to give passengers a restaurant-like experience and can make an eye-catching addition to the dining set up.


A must-have item for serving Oriental food, chopsticks can also enhance the passengers’ perception of the airline for cultural recognition.

When using chopsticks, food is eaten more slowly and consciously, making eating more enjoyable and like an occasion. Chopsticks are versatile and can be made from multiple materials, such as bamboo, wood or metal, depending on the airline’s preference.

We use glass to enhance the exclusivity. And as they are reusable, they’re also a sustainable product. They even come with a rest, which gives the opportunity to print a logo.


A humble, but vital product that can make a lasting impression. Used to stir coffee or cocktails for the more adventurous, it’s ideal for a promotional item.

Our stirrer is made from glass, making it reusable and premium quality. The nature of the glass also gives it a satisfying ‘ting!’ sound as it hits the side of the glass.

All these extra touches make a big difference to the passenger’s premium experience. Consider colour, decor, material and adding your airline logo. And if you start with small eye catching products, you’ll soon start to see big changes on board.