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Introducing REVOLVE reusable food bowls — a seamless blend of sustainability and functionality. Crafted from durable PP plastic, these bowls epitomize eco-consciousness without compromising on practicality. But that’s just the beginning of their story.

Their design isn’t just visually appealing; it’s a thoughtful marriage of form and function. Not only do they elevate aesthetics, but their ingeniously crafted shape optimizes washing efficiency. This means not only a beautiful bowl but also an effortlessly clean one after every use.

But wait, there’s more. These bowls aren’t just about reducing waste; they’re about enhancing your lifestyle. Dive into a world where eco-friendliness meets convenience, where each meal becomes a statement for sustainable living. Get ready to embrace a revolution in your daily routine with REVOLVE reusable food bowls.

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Unique product design

REVOLVE reusable food bowls boast a design that’s as innovative as it is versatile. Engineered with a spill-proof construction, these bowls offer peace of mind, whether they’re nestled in your bag on a bustling commute or adorning your desk during a busy workday. But it’s not just about function; it’s about style too. Their trendy aesthetics elevate any mealtime experience, turning sustainability into a statement. 

Resealable or covered with a lid

REVOLVE reusable food bowls offer flexibility for your preferences. They’re available with a transparent lid, perfect for display, or sealed with a thin plastic film for enhanced hygiene during store sales. Once in your hands, simply remove the film, and the bowl is ready for use. After the bowls can be re-used for other meals. Microwave-safe and adaptable, these bowls effortlessly transition from purchase to reheating, ensuring convenience and cleanliness every step of the way.


Understanding the importance of traceability from usage to washing and logistics, we provide diverse options for tracking. Choose between RFID chips or Laser QR codes based on your specific requirements. Collaborating closely with our partners, we ensure a tailored solution that suits your needs best. With these traceability features, you gain full visibility into your bowls’ journey, fostering trust and confidence in the sustainability and integrity of your operations.

Fully customizable

REVOLVE takes customization to the next level with our reusable food bowls. Tailor these bowls to mirror your brand’s identity seamlessly. Whether it’s adjusting colors, incorporating banderoles or sleeves, or laser-printing your logo, the options are limitless. Express your brand’s ethos uniquely and sustainably through these customizable bowls, turning each meal into a statement of your commitment to sustainability and individuality.

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