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deSter reusable pizza box

People love pizza. People love home delivery which is convenient, quick and easy. However, a lot of waste is generated every year after a tasty meal is finished. Yes, cardboard boxes can be recycled but only when they are clean. Grease and oil from a freshly made pizza make it impossible to recycle the box, and in the end, it ends up in a mixed waste stream and is incinerated. No need for us to tell you that it's terrible for the environment, people's health and biodiversity. 

What is the solution? Reusables! deSter developed a reusable pizza box which has a seamless design and is easy to handle. Moreover, with local production closer to our customers, we help reduce shipping time, costs and CO2. 


Smart design

Our designers have created a pizza box which is truly unique and highly efficient. The lid and the bowl are the same, it's so simple with one SKU only. Ventilation holes allow a pizza to stay crispy, while the cardboard insert prevents scratching when cutting the food. Closing couldn't be more effortless - snap two parts together, and you are ready to go.

Easy to stack, easy to wash

When developing this pizza box, we thought not only about the design but also the handling behind it. Our pizza boxes are perfectly stackable which means more pizzas can fit in a delivery bag and each pizza will be safely transported. Due to the round shape, it's easy to clean the box by hand or fit in a dishwasher.

Ready for the next step - smart products

deSter partnered with Borro, a Belgian startup, to go to the next level with reusable food packaging. Borro offers a cashless deposit system for returnable meal delivery tableware. QR codes or an RFID tag can be placed in the middle of the pizza box and tracked through the whole life cycle: pizzeria - customer's home - pizzeria.

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Local production & reliability

deSter has been in business for more than 80 years. Our experience in the travel industry allowed us to expand and accelerate in food service as well. With local production in the US, Belgium and Thailand, we can deliver products faster and cheaper while reducing CO2 emissions at the same time. Our state-of-the-art machinery and processes help us bring only quality products to the market.

Meet Borro

Borro offers a cashless deposit system for returnable meal delivery tableware. Restaurants in the network become a part of the sustainable future without worrying about extensive training of the employees, tracking the packaging or refunding money to customers.

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