Compostable, recyclable.
Fully customizable.



Opticup, the Optimal Cup for the best drinking experience. 

Stacking Hero / Flexible / Sip Sip Hooray 

Unique product design

Thin walled flexible cup. Available with or without RFID. Option to include IML. Optimised material use, 50% material reduction. Closed loop at end of life possible (without IML) 

Logistical benefits

Super stackable design. Double the number of cups stored in a crate. Save space in warehousing 

Safety first

Flexible cups are safer. They fold and will not splinter under your feet. No more tripping over cups. No more harmful splintered plastic cups leaving micro plastics on your festival grounds. 

Make it your own

Customizable: IML label, hot stamping, laser etching and printing  

SMART cups

Add an RFID chip or laser a QR code to trace the cup and enable smart, optimized logistics 


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Opticup product sheet

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