KAMI Paper Cutlery: Sustainable, Smooth, Simply Sensational!


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deSter’s innovative KAMI paper cutlery range is a total game-changer when it comes to single-use cutlery. It’s the only truly sustainable alternative to currently available options such as single-use plastic and wooden cutlery.

Let’s face it, single-use plastic cutlery perpetuates pollution, clogging oceans and landfills, while its production contributes to the depletion of finite fossil fuel resources. On the other hand, traditional wooden cutlery causes deforestation, adding strain to already threatened forests. Additionally, the mouthfeel and overall user experience with wooden cutlery is less than ideal.

KAMI, in contrast, embraces sustainability and effectively mitigates the negative impacts of both plastic and wooden alternatives. Its smooth texture and natural composition offer a pleasant and guilt-free dining experience while promoting a greener, more sustainable future.

Our Collection

Unique product design

A true iconic product, KAMI is crafted in-house with utmost care and precision, following the technology patented by deSter. It redefines the dining experience by seamlessly blending sustainability with exceptional design. The remarkable mouthfeel is what truly sets it apart — each piece is carefully engineered to deliver a smooth and pleasing sensation.

A sustainable choice

KAMI cutlery embodies the essence of sustainability. This remarkable range has the prestigious FSC® certification*, signifying its origin from responsibly managed forests. Every piece of KAMI is a choice for the planet, it’s also home-compostable and recyclable. After each use, you can compost it at home, returning it to nature’s cycle without a trace of waste. Alternatively, you can recycle it, ensuring a second life and reducing the overall environmental impact. *deSter HGS FSC® license code FSC-C141738

Packaging of your choice

Our cutlery is all about meeting every customer’s unique needs, including diverse packaging options for added convenience. Whether you prefer individual cutlery packs for easy grab-and-go use, soldier packs for organized events, retail boxes for retail settings, or dispenser boxes for efficient distribution, KAMI has a packaging format that fits seamlessly for your business.

Make it your own

We offer an exciting array of customization options, allowing businesses to showcase their brand identity with a personal touch. From individual cutlery packs to soldier packs, dispenser boxes, and retail boxes, each packaging format is a canvas to imprint the unique mark of a company, such as logo’s, unique graphics, and more.

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