Reuse, refill, recycle... introducing cups for your cold drinks!

deSter goes CIRQLR - meet our reusable cups!

Food packaging tends to generate a massive amount of plastic waste. Less fun when you consider today’s ecological challenges… Time to change that!

To provide a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic cups, deSter offers a reusable, easy-to-customize cup range which comes in three sizes to serve 25, 33 and 50 cl drinks made from PP or PET. The cups can be used, washed, reused, washed, reused, washed, reused, washed, reused, washed, reused, washed, reused, washed, reused, washed, reused, washed, reused, washed, reused, washed …  this can go on for a while and no waste is created in the meantime! At the end of life, cups are re-grinded, after which 100% of the material is repurposed to make a new cup.


deSter production factory

Locally produced

Our complete range of cups is produced in Europe (Belgium) in our own production facility, allowing short lead times and close follow-up on orders, delivery and quality. Currently, we are ready to distribute within 1000 km from our plant, avoiding long shipping journeys, thus, reducing our carbon footprint.

deSter reusable products made of recycled materials

Made from recycled materials

Today we offer our reusable equipment in PP, bioPP or PET, as a standard, as these materials have currently the best available recycling streams. However, we constantly review new materials as a part of our ongoing material developments and can find a different solution if needed.

deSter is closing the loop

Closed-loop recycling system

deSter cups can be re-used and washed a minimum of 150 times…but what happens when one becomes broken? No problem! We are happy to collect all the broken or scratched cups to make new cups out of them! We offer a closed-loop system and together with our partners, ensure the collection, regrinding and production of the cups again in our production facilities.


For re-useable items, it’s important to know where they are during the complete lifecycle: usage, washing and logistic routes. Therefore, we offer several possibilities to trace your cups, either with RFID chips or LASER QR codes. It all depends on your needs. Together with our partners, we can tailor the best solution to your needs.

Customized with IML or laser

Standing out of the crowd! You can easily customize reusable cups with your branding or logo. With a high-quality coloured label or a laser print, the sky is the limit. As a bonus, no colours or other materials are added when laser printing, which is perfect for a true closed-loop recycling system!

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deSter reusable cup for cold drinks
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