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Compostable, recyclable…
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"Ridge" collection

The Ridge collection is a unique foodservice product range which combines smart design, sustainability & unlimited customization possibilities. Designed specifically for delivery, take-away, deli stores & events, this collection is all you need to create a "wow"-effect on your customer. Do you eat with your eyes first? Hungry people certainly do!

Unique Product Design

With Ridge you have a solution for a complete menu from starter to main course to dessert. Since the bowls come in four different portion sizes (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large), you will be able to create a perfect presentation and a consistent look for your meals saving space on the shelf or during transport.

A sustainable choice

At deSter our mission is to create sustainable food and travel experiences. "Ridge" perfectly fits in this concept because of the materials we use. Bowls are made from wheat straw & bagasse using bamboo paper with water-based coating, while lids are 100% R-PET. Even more exciting, our products are compostable and recyclable.

Mix & Match

Goodbye to clumsy transfers and extra dish washing. These bowls are spill-proof, microwave-safe and table-ready*. Mix and match the bowls and lids of your choice. All lids are interchangeable and stack easily. No matter what you put on the menu, Ridge has a solution for it.

Make it your own

We are here to make your brand identity translated into your packaging and create a truly unique experience for your end consumers. Are you tired of basic containers or bowls that are the same across your competition? Our wheat straw bowls and lids can be easily customized with embossment and paper lids are easy to print on. Additionally, you can use stickers, labels, sleeves, stamps and more to give your packaging an extra boost & a perfect finishing touch.

"Ridge" brochure

Want to learn more about our new packaging innovation? Use the QR code or link below to explore "Ridge", available options for materials, sizes, colors and more. This brochure combines units of volume in the metric system for both European and US markets.

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