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deSter FIBR. trays

Goodbye plastics!

We introduce you to FIBR. trays, a sustainable and compostable packaging for a variety of foods from meat to seafood to desserts.

We at deSter developed a suitable alternative to EPS foam trays which is functional and environmentally-friendly. 

FIBR. trays are a perfect solution to step away from EPS foamed trays and show your customers that you care about our planet. 


A sustainable choice

Our trays are made of bagasse, which is a fiber material that remains after crushing sugar cane. The juice is used for sugar products, while the waste is put to good use to make our trays. Earthpads used to cover the bottom of the trays are paper based, compostable and compatible for meat, fruit and seafood. To top off your dish, and store it a little longer, you can use cling film. In contrast to regular cling foil, ours is fully compostable.

Versatile and convenient

FIBR. Trays come in different sizes, which makes it even more convenient to fit the food you desire. Our trays are suitable for fish, meat, fresh goods, vegetables, sushi, vegetarian meals, seafood, meat, bakery items... You name it, FIBR. trays serve it.

Phase 1

deSter is proud to introduce the wet moulded fiber trays made from renewable material: sugar cane. These trays are home compostable, even the soaking pads. Currently can be only cling wrapped and available for orders

Phase 2

Further improvement of our wet-molded trays to be suitable for more applications like baked goods, sushi and fresh produce. Instead of cling wrap we also developed R-PET lids which are not only made of recycled plastic but also have a great stackability. 

Phase 3

FIBR. trays now available in a dry moulded version, locally manufactured in EU. In the production process no water is used. Uncoated, compostable and PFAS free, can it be any better?

Phase 4

Next improvement - PBAT coated trays. It can be used for a variety of foods from meat to baked goods to fresh produce to ready meals. Through extensive testing we can prove that the trays have an extended shelf-life which is perfect not only for local shops or butcheries but also supermarkets. Add a compostable sealable layer and film and you are ready for your sustainable future. 

FIBR. trays brochure

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