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Best in class design and innovative product development

Our brands

For well over a few decades, we proudly have been bringing best in class design and innovative product developments. Our extensive portfolio therefore includes various brands and product ranges, offering both off-the-shelf as well as bespoke, highly customised foodservice and travel solutions.


Meal solutions for people on the move. Whether it’s a highly customized, bespoke design or a more standard of the shelf product, we’re able to provide you with a foodservice solution that perfectly fits your brand or business.

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Main cabin

Our main cabin product range for the contemporary leisure traveler offers convenience to passengers and crew by meeting all needs of cost effectiveness and practicality.

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Premium cabin

Premium experiences inspired design. Muse, deSter’s Premium Cabin range, is the airline industry’s leading provider of premium hospitality and comfort solutions designed to enhance the overall travel experience. From bespoke premium tableware concepts to luxury amenity kits and more, we’ve got it covered.

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ECD Environmentally Conscious Design Today, more than ever before, developing food packaging is no longer just about optimizing functionality and looks. It’s also about designing environmentally conscious products that contribute to preserving our world for future generations. ECD stands for Environmentally Conscious Design and encompasses all of our actions towards developing sustainable products.

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deStudio Design incubators deStudio truly is the beating heart of deSter. It is where inspiration is born, new trends are conceptualized and innovative products created. Whether it’s developing a new product line, revitalising an existing range, or helping our customers reach a competitive edge though innovative design, our talented and experienced team delivers on any creative or operational challenge.

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