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Our environmental commitment

Our environmental commitment

Food loves packaging, there’s simply no way around it. Today however, more than ever before, developing food packaging is no longer just about optimizing functionality and looks. It’s also about designing environmentally conscious products that contribute to safeguarding our world for future generations. As a leading producer of food packaging, we believe good business should be good for people and gentle on the environment. This is why throughout all of our operations, sustainability is key.


Our environment

We understand very well that developing new food packaging products should be done responsibly. This is why every new product we design is assessed from an environmental point of view, taking into consideration not only the material it is made of but most importantly its life-cycle and recycling options. It’s about making the right choices. Smart choices holding the perfect balance between material use, logistics and recycling. This way we aim to provide products that supersede the impression of being eco-friendly, but actually deliver what they promise.

Responsible manufacturing & resource management

Because how we produce our products has a direct impact on the environment, we are truly committed towards making ongoing improvements to our production processes and logistics. We understand this is where we ourselves can make a difference. In order to make sure our commitments towards becoming more sustainable are met, we also expect all of our suppliers to join us in this journey and make sure that all materials we use are sourced, processed and produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

Local production and smart logistics

As we serve customers around the globe, resourceful manufacturing is only half the way. Aiming to minimize our carbon footprint, we continuously invest in local manufacturing facilities enabling us to produce closer to our core markets, which in turn makes for a significant reduction in transportation and CO2 emission.