Designing today for a
sustainable tomorrow

Environmentally conscious design

Today, more than ever before, developing food packaging is no longer just about optimizing functionality and looks. It’s also about designing environmentally conscious products that contribute to preserving our world for future generations.

To underscore our commitment and contributions towards safeguarding the environment, we have developed our ECD design philosophy. ECD stands for Environmentally Conscious Design and encompasses all of our actions towards developing sustainable products.


Designing today for a sustainable tomorrow

As a leading producer of food packaging, we understand very well that developing new food packaging products should be done responsibly. This is why every new product we design is assessed from an environmental point of view, taking into consideration not only the material it is made of but most importantly its life-cycle and recycling options. It’s about making the right choices. Smart choices that find the right balance between material use, logistics and recycling. This way we aim to provide products that supersede the impression of being eco-friendly, but actually deliver what they promise.

A circular design approach

A common misinterpretation is that products made from sustainable materials are undoubtedly eco-friendly. Developing a truly sustainable product however encompasses a lot more than just using eco-materials to produce it. At deSter we use a holistic product development approach, including all key factors throughout a product’s life-cycle. By developing sustainable products that actually deliver what they promise, way we aim to contribute towards achieving a circular economy. Our ECD philosophy follows the new plastics economy movement (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) as well as the European Commission’s directive on single-use plastic.

Sustainable product philosophy

As a leading producer of food packaging, we believe good business should be good for people and gentle on the environment. This is why every new product we design is assessed from an environmental point of view, taking into consideration its life-cycle and recycling options. We focus on using materials with a good recyclability, to make sure that the products maintain their value throughout their whole lifecycle and use recycled materials where possible.


Biodegradable materials

Food packaging items can sometimes be challenging to recycle due to contamination and difficult waste collection. Biodegradable products however can return to nature without causing harm and perfectly fit into the circular economy.

Bio-based materials

Biobased materials offer a renewable alternative to fossil fuels as raw material for food packaging. By using renewable biobased resources, we develop products that are fully compatible with the circular economy and offer the same high quality performance consumers expect.

Recycled materials

Reusing materials that have been recycled from previous applications is the effective realization of the circular economy. That is why we strive to use as much materials from recycled sources as possible because this way we give waste material a new life instead of using virgin plastic materials.

Sustainable inspiration